Top Senate Democrats Plan To Use Private Companies To Share Intel For Political Gain

Note: In May of 2018, six months after the Publication of this article, Mark Patterson was hired as Chuck Schumer’s General Council in charge of investigations and approps. The was same month the rumors of Justice Kennedy retiring from SCOTUS kicked into overdrive.  Makes one wonder if they were moving people in place preparing for the coming SCOTUS fight, aka, the Kavanaugh character assassination.

A 2003 a congressional Press Release laid out a Democrat plan that – considering recent events –  is cause for concern.

Perkins Coie is under scrutiny for laundering 12.4 million dollars between the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s Campaign to Fusion GPS.  Shockingly,  in April 2016,  Obama’s OFA joined in, paying Perkins Coie $927,000.

In light of this, Perkins Coie, who paid Fusion GPS to obtain the fake smear Dossier to manufacture false intelligence that was shared to advance the Democratic political position, should be under further scrutiny for their deep ties to both the Obama White House and to the DNC.

Perkins Coie currently has three former high-level Obama officials in house: Robert Bauer, Pete Rouse, and Mark Patterson.

Robert (Bob) Bauer was White House council to Obama until 2011 when he left and became a partner at above-mentioned firm. The same year that Fusion GPS was founded and the year before Obama’s 2012 reelection.

Bauer was Obama’s personal attorney and his first hire when he came to D.C. in 2005.

Bauer has had the distinction of representing both of Obama’s election campaigns as well as having been a general council to the DNC on a minimum of two separate occasions. In addition he is married to Anita Dunn, the former Obama White House communications director.

In 2014 Bauer recruited two other top Obama officials to Perkins Coie.

Pete Rouse, Obama’s longest serving top aid and interim Chief of Staff, as well as Mark Patterson, Rouse’s longtime protégée – back from when Rouse was Chief of Staff for Senator Dashel – both simultaneously left the administration to work with Bauer.

Patterson served the Obama Administration as Chief of Staff at the Treasury Department under two separate secretaries before abandoning the administration for Perkins Coie.

The important backstory:

In 2003 Tom Dashel, Minority Leader, was part of a small group that was formed with the intention of reaching out to the private sector. This was to advance the agenda of the Democrats on the Hill. This group of high-level democrats met weekly.

According to a September 8th, 2003 congressional press release “Democrats in the House and Senate quietly launched a coordinated effort to reach out to their Democratic friends on K Street.” “The idea [was] to share intelligence, plot strategy and coordinate the party’s message. In the short term, the organizers of the effort hoped to advance their priorities on Capitol Hill.”

This is extremely relevant because these meetings where Democratic leaders planned to use the private sector in a way to politically benefit the Democratic Party were, “along with Jones,” according to The Congressional Press Release, “organized by Kohl Chief of Staff Paul Bock and Daschle aides Mark Patterson and Peter Rouse.”

According to the above Press Release in 2003 Mark Patterson and Peter Rouse were organizing meetings with sole purpose of setting up a system to utilize lobbyist and former employees of the Hill – Senate and White House – that had transitioned into the private sector to share intelligence and to further the Democratic political agenda.

The former Hill workers this plan had set to cultivate, and likely implant, would no longer be bound by the limits that had been put upon Government employees. Oversight, ethics and accountability, which at the very least give the veneer of transparency, were no longer a factor opening up a host of new and potentially shady possibilities.

Now the same two aids who organized those meetings are employees of the firm Perkins Coie: The same firm that laundered the money between the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, Obama’s OFA and Fusion GPS in order to obtain the fake Steel Dossier in a blatant attempt at taking down the freely elected President of the United States using Kremlin-funded Russian propaganda.

Consider the close connection Obama’s White House has to Perkins Coie’s partner Robert Bauer and to at least two of their employees, Patterson & Rouse.

Add to that the content of the meetings Patterson & Rouse were organizing for Dashel in 2003 and you have an extraordinarily disturbing picture emerging.

Mark Patterson and Peter Rouse, now appear to be actively involved in implementing the plan they were instrumental in developing.

By: Margaret Robins

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