Trump Offers Luxury Rooms at His DC Hotel After Seeing Troops Relegated To Sleeping In Freezing Garage.

National Guard Troops were forced to evacuate the Capitol after after Democrat Rep. Will Keating (MA) reported that a National Guardsman was seen in a Dunkin Donuts without a mask earlier that day.

Politico reported “thousands,” National Guard members were forced to leave the Capitol, with one unit of 5,000 troops, being forced to rest in a parking garage. A garage that was freezing, with no internet reception, just one electrical outlet, and one bathroom that had only two stalls.

“Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed,” one Guardsman told Politico.

Donald Trump, after seeing the troops treated so badly, offered up rooms in his luxury DC hotel.

It seems after hearing that Trump offered rooms in his hotel to the troops Congress backtracked and came out saying the soldiers could go back inside the Capitol.

– Heather Tappel

Trump Was Our Peaceful Revolution

A thought for those who believe Trump supporters will accept the Media’s anointing of Joe Biden and turn a blind eye to the blatant, in one case videotaped, evidence fraud that stole the 2020 election from Trump: Donald John Trump was our “Peaceful Revolution”.

A revolution against the DC insiders who’ve both cultivated a two tier justice system to protect themselves,  persecute their enemies while enriching their friends and families. 

They do this by leveraging their positions of power to send our tax money, disguised as as ‘aid’, to foreign countries and then getting kick backs, i.e. Biden family’s China, Iraq and Ukrainian business dealings. They sell America’s middle class jobs to our economic rivals and the ‘main stream media’, infiltrated with plants, direct the message they want to cultivate. They do this to crush the middle class and to enact their stated globalist agenda. 

Every President in my lifetime has started a war– some were warranted, most were not. We’ve fought over foreign oil, stating national security as a reason after regulations strangled US oil supply; essentially sending our soldiers to die – to ensure our oil supply – after crippling the US oil supply. The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is at work in this. The money and power that flows through that conglomeration is astronomical. They are above the law and war keeps them flush.

We thought it was hopeless. We wanted someone who owed no allegiance to globalist donors, special interest, the MIC, or even the establishment in general.

The Left and media are so effective at BULLYING Republicans — and anyone who disagrees with their agenda — that historically republicans reflexively roll over like beaten puppies at the first sign of being targeted.

We needed a unicorn, someone who would fight for us, the American people.

With Trump we FINALLY found a fighter. A man use to dealing with Mafia bosses and NY builders. One has to be tough to flourish in that sphere. It seemed we’d finally found a leader who wouldn’t fold under pressure; an important attribute considering the demonization of anyone who dares to run for President as a Republican. The media shows their allegiance consistently in that aspect and now big tech has joined them. The list of powerful forces aligned against us includes Google, FaceBook, Twitter, MSM, the top three cable news stations, Newspapers, Democrats, FBI, CIA, DOJ, DOS, Neocons, MIC, Big Pharma, Wall Street, Big Banking, and the worlds top “one percenters” and many more.

When our candidate decided to run most laughed at him and ridiculed us.

But he won the nomination and against ALL odds he won the Presidency. 

He did this despite the media lies and unprecedented hatred directed at both him and us – his supporters. Our President, if he kept his word – unlike all of our previous Presidents – would finally be able to enact the changes we had been fighting so hard for. The changes 63 million felt this country so desperately needed.

However, instead of being able to transition into office and start his administration like every other president before him he was framed by the worlds most powerful Law Enforcement apparatus. Previously, a beacon of equality and hope that shone around the world. These agencies are responsible for investigating and prosecuting:

  • drug cartels
  • gun runners
  • child sex traffickers
  • targeting, infiltrating, and stopping terrorists to keep us safe
  • meting out justice to the most powerful people in the world

These agencies were weaponized to attack it’s new duly elected leader and any who worked for him. They also used those agencies to attack his son and as his supporters. The frame job, better known as the ‘Steele Dossier’, was passed to a complicit Media (who knew was false), that works with these previously reputable agencies to broadcast and amplify their chosen message.

Their goal is to create a narrative that ‘drives the news cycle’ and saturate the airwaves leaving little to no room for the truth. This is the same media that has chosen Biden as the next President despite the plethora of evidence of unprecedented cheating and fraud. The MSM is still busy doing their job of amplifying the message they are given.

The Anti-Trump coalition listed above used the MSM to spread lies and propaganda to undermine him, while prosecuting him, and to make sure anyone they could reach would despise him as a traitor. Amongst other things this was done to STOP him from enacting the POLICIES we elected him for. 

Trump, anyone in his administration, and his VOTERS underwent 4 yrs of an ongoing coup. He survived it and the subsequent impeachment and then when he ran for re-election he got ELEVEN MILLION MORE VOTES than he did in 2016.

But it didn’t matter, he could’ve gotten 50 million more votes and they would’ve just stuffed more ballots. It was a foregone conclusion, the “alphabet agencies” (CIA, FBI, NSA) had already decided to use the Corona virus to enact their specialty, a color revolution (Deep Dive here).  One of the main steps to accomplishing that goal is to create doubt over the legitimacy of an election.

The Biden lawyers – led by Mark Elias – have been busy doing just that by filing law suits to relax election laws and regulations since Oct 2019 (before COVID19 was a factor). Elias, a former partner at Perkins Coie, was also Hillary Clinton’s lawyer in 2016 when she commissioned the Steele dossier. Elias resigned from his practice and dedicated his attention full time to assuring Trump was not reelected after it was exposed his firm, Perkins Coie, paid Fusion GPS to frame Trump with the Dossier.

We will not allow those same DC insiders we rejected to usurp our elected leader thereby ending our “peaceful revolution” by such open fraudulent means.  I would advise those who haven’t been paying attention to the hearings and the blatant fraud (see one example here) that has been exposed to start paying attention.

This fraud MUST be exposed, subtracted from the votes & resolved in order for this republic to stand. We cannot allow our votes to be stolen while we remain silent.

It will be the end of this country if we do.

We stand on a precipice.

We, the people, must demand free & fair elections NOW.

Hand Count Shows Dominion Machines In Ware County Switched Votes From Trump To Biden

Election expert Garland Favarito was not allowed to speak on the votes switched by Dominion machines at the Georgia hearing on Thursday.

Mr Favarito, an elections expert who is the Election Director at the Constitution Party Of Georgia (COPGA) and Co- Founder of Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VOTERGA), was slated to be one of the Trump Campaign’s top 10 witnesses. However just before he was about to give his testimony on the affidavit he signed he was bumped to the bottom of the list “at the Chairman’s discretion”.

Mr.Favarito testifies in his affidavit that Dominon machines in Ware County switched 37 votes from Trump to Biden. He has written his account and made it public. He did not have access to the machines but he said that access was not necessary to prove his case. He stated they could not be sure which of the machines switched the votes with out being able to examine them. When they did the hand count of the ballots, the same ballots that had been scanned into the Dominion machine to get their total, they found “the electronic total shorted Biden 37 votes and added those 37 votes to totals for Joe Biden. The 74 votes affected represents .52%of the 14,192 county votes cast, exactly double Biden’s statewide margin of .26″.

The COPGA is an independent political party that states on their website “As an alternative political party the Constitution Party of Georgia is positioned to assist in keeping the Secretary of State-Elections Division and Boards of Elections (whose members are appointed by the GOP and Democrat parties) accountable to their constituents by being an independent monitor”.

It is an astonishing that there is an independent poll watcher, who is an expert in elections, whom the Chairman of the GOP led State Representatives stopped from testifying to this at their hearing addressing evidence of election fraud.

Mr. Favarito believes this is because his testimony will reflect negatively on the Secretary of State and The State Director of Elections whom are both republican.

In an interesting turn of events, Georgia Representative Jody Hice tweeted: “Yesterday we learned a forensics examination of a Ware County, GA #DominionVotingSystems machine found votes were switched from @realDonaldTrump to @JoeBiden. This is one machine in one county in one state. Did this happen elsewhere? We need to know! EXAMINE ALL THE MACHINES!” (Link) on Dec 4th 2020.

It is the this writers humble opinion that after Rep Hice found out that the Elections expert, who was slated to expose that the Dominion machines had switched the votes, was not going to be allowed to speak that he decided to tweet out the information. Since both allegations use “37 votes” as the number switched it is highly likely that Hice misunderstood what the expert was stating.

I, for one, am not holding my breath that the Kraken-Wood or Trump Legal team somehow got a Dominion Machine. Besides, its not needed. The hand count shows the truth in the claim. To have the exact number of votes slide from Trump to Biden in a 14,000 hand recount; then for that number to be almost the exact percentage (-0.04%) that data experts showed, through numerical anti fraud formulas (used as evidence in court), that the scope of fraud was.

How The CDC Calculates The Excessive Deaths from COVID.

Recently John Hopkins University Newsletter published a study showing that there were little to no overall rise in deaths in the US from COVID19. The study has since been removed, not because it was wrong but because John Hopkins said they did not like the way the data and study was being used. Click on this highlighted link to see the CDC article the media is using to counter her claim, asserting that there are close to 300,000 excessive deaths.

So the question is how can two studies of the same information have results that are so drastically different? Dr Briand’s analysis showing the death rates have generally remained the same and the CDC report showing nearly 300,000 excess deaths?

So I dug in to find out who’s tweaking the numbers.

On November 28, when I was researching the numbers to write this article, the total number of deaths in the US and DC was 2,582,540 [archive of exact numbers]. I got these numbers from the US death clock which constantly updates.

  • The death rate per day in 2020 is 7,755
  • The death rate per day in 2018 was 7,778
  • The death rate per day in 2017 was 7,708

The CDC notes in its report that it takes deaths from each week from 2015-2019 and averages those years deaths to get that weeks average death rate. It then takes that “average” number and compares it to the same week in 2020. Any deaths in 2020 that are over the death rate average is counted as excessive deaths. Then every week that had surplus of deaths was added together to give them a total number of “excessive” deaths.

Seems pretty cut and dry — Until you see the notation where if deaths did not meet the death rate from the four year average it wasn’t counted. Shockingly, they zeroed those weeks out.

Here is their exact quote [Number of excess deaths: A range of estimates for the number of excess deaths was calculated as the difference between the observed count and one of two thresholds (either the average expected count or the upper bound threshold), by week and jurisdiction. Negative values, where the observed count fell below the threshold, were set to zero.”]

For example if in week 28

  • The 2015-19 average of deaths was 55,000
  • And in 2020 the total deaths was 49,000
  • Then the CDC did not add the negative 6,000 deaths for week 28, instead they added 0 for week 28.
  • Only the weeks that had surplus of deaths were counted.
  • Those weeks that had a surplus of deaths were added together to get their “Excessive Deaths” numbers.

It is difficult to imagine how they came up with this calculation formula, as I have never seen it applied previously.

People with preexisting conditions and the elderly should be protected as much as we are able in order to mitigate the deaths from COVID as much as possible.

However, shutting America down and spreading fear as the Media, Fauci, and the CDC have done is beyond atrocious. There are therapeutics that have dropped the COVID death rate in this country substantially. The rise in COVID Deaths directly correlates with the drops in previous years Cardiac, Kidney, Cancer. ect.. mortality rates.

And, now there are vaccines — if one CHOOSES to get it — that will be available starting next week.

I would like to end this article by saying that regardless of the numbers presented here COVID19 is a serious virus that needs to be taken seriously.

I am not minimizing it in any way. This lab altered virus, unleashed by China, and intentionally allowed to spread throughout the world has been catastrophic. The doctors who bucked the system by prescribing their patients Hydroxychloriquine likely saved many lives, as we can see in this peer reviewed study that has finally been released showing patients taking HCQ are 84% less likely to be hospitalized.

If anyone has information that contradicts what I have posted here (from a official site as I have quoted CDC’s own numbers here) I welcome the information and will post and adjust accordingly.

A Cause Worth Fighting and, if Needed, Dying For: America’s Rejection of The Theft of Our Election.

The future of our republic is at stake in the next few weeks. The gravitas, heavy and stifling. Allowing the open, blatant theft of the Presidential election cannot be an option for America because if it is allowed to stand, that will – unequivocally – be the end of America.

There would be no way to “suddenly” vote in a government we chose in the following elections in two or four years. We would forever be stuck with whoever those controlling the voting systems wanted to be in charge.

Leaders who would make policy, laws, and war to financially benefit themselves, their friends, and those who control the voting results as well as to punish and hurt their political rivals and enemies.

How would we stop them? How would we stop them from sending our kids to war for their personal gain?

The war hungry leaders who’ve chomping at the bit to get an ally back into power would be using weapons we, the American people, pay for – with our taxes – to destroy foreign lands and to kill. We have a moral obligation to stand up against this. To stop this before it goes beyond our capabilities to fix it.

If we allow the theft of the Presidency, have no doubt the Senate in Ga will be next. After which the House, Senate, and the Presidency will all be in the hands of those who have stated that they will immediately:

  • Grant citizenship to tens of millions of illegal aliens regardless of criminal records
  • Open our boarders
  • Abolish the filibuster
  • Grant statehood to DC and Puerto Rico (Giving them 4 new Senate seats)
  • Stack the Supreme Court

As you can see that would be the end of this republic.

We are taxed to pay their salaries, benefits, travel and their healthcare yet we don’t get to chose our leaders?

That only stands — my fellow Americans — if we allow it to stand.

If they were able to legitimately vote those things in, without cheating, then they would have a leg to stand on. But. They. Could. Not.

Their answer to America’s overwhelming rejection of their Socialistic platform is to ignore the American peoples vote and to STEAL it.

Well, we say no.

This is A Cause Worth Fighting and, if Necessary, Dying For.

Affidavits From Detroit Detail Massive Fraud

Melissa Carone,a Dominion IT worker, has signed an affidavit under oath regarding her witness to substantial voter fraud in Detroit MI. She worked 24hr shifts starting 6am on Nov 3rd- 4th.

Ms. Carone observed several instances of concern which she addressed in a video (here)

  • She observed a poll worker entering ballots into the tabulator machine, which counts ballots in groups of 50
    • the numbers on the tabulator showed that the individual had scanned that batch of ballots between 8-10 times each.
  • She told the worker to stop and went to her Superior.
  • Her superior, whom she said was in charge of the whole operation, was Nick Ikonomakis,
    • Nick is Co-owner of Dominion and a patent holder, when notified of what was occurring he said they were just there to give IT support.
  • Erred or rejected ballots are to be set aside for an adjudication process. In this process one GOP representative and one DEM representative view the ballot until they come to a mutual agreement on what ballot vote intent was before filling the ballot out.
    • Instead they got blank ballots, filled them out, and signed them (forging).
    • This was done to thousands of ballots.
    • Not one time during the entire process did she see one vote for Trump.
  • She observed a van, supposedly there due to city’s lack of sufficient food for the poll workers. pull up very late at night, open its back doors and offload its contents via the back door of the Polling center. Shortly after this happened it was announced they had found a large number of ballots that had yet to be counted. Nearly, if not all of those votes went to Biden.
  • She was asked if she would be interested in employment in the near future because Dominion was going to be doing a software update soon. this concerned her as she had just heard a supposed “update” was the cause of a “Glitch” in a different Michigan county. She believes they were going in to cover up switching the votes.

This is one Whistleblower. One.

We cannot allow corrupt politicians to steal We The People’s chosen President and replace him with China’s stooge. Under any circumstances. I pray for a peacefull resoloution to this current

A List of Credible Evidence and Allegations of the Fraud Exposed in the 2020 Presidential Election.

*Note: This document is not completed. I wanted to publish it but claims are coming in faster than I can add them. After completing my original piece (not there yet). I will be updating this daily or as needed to add or remove claims as the situation evolves. I will notate changes, date changed, and reason for changes below the article.

The list is long so I had to be selective when choosing what to put in this article. First the allegations had to be credible and of a large enough basis that it could reverse the Media’s call for Biden as President Elect.

First an overview.

Fraud Training 101

There is a audio recording of Detroit Election official training the counting staff/poll workers in how to conduct voter fraud. This audio was obtained by a brave reporter, Shane Trejo, who is now being targeted by Attorney General of Michigan demanding he remove the video. The video/ audio does not expose voter fraud but it does expose the premeditation of some of allegations listed below. This video was removed from YouTube even though it’s authenticity has not been refuted.

The Whisleblowers

The numerous Whistleblowers complaints listed below (I am only using those who will swear an affidavit what they are saying is true), can be assessed after hearing how they train their workers to break election laws.

Affidavits from Detroit detail massive fraud (see here)

The Computer Glitches

Next we have the Software “Gitches” and errors that moved votes from Trump to Biden, specifically in Swing States.


Smartomatic created Dominion’s (a Canadian company) software which was used throughout the US in the 2020 elections.

  • Smartomatic Officers were slated to testify in front of the Philippine Joint Oversight Congressional Committee in early 2016 to address allowing one of its men to make illegal changes to the Automated Elections System while votes were being counted, However, the hearing was canceled after it’s officers pulled out at the last minute.

Backstory: Here is a short piece I wrote explaining Mr. Brown’s role in shutting down anti-fraud technology in late 2014 by partnering with Smartomatic, a troubled Venezuelan voting company that created the election technology for Dominion, thereby providing it for 40% of US counties.

Dominion itself is connected to the Clinton Foundation through the Delian Project (see Clinton Foundation Global Initiative website).

A deep dive (here) exposes Dominion’s connections to both sides of the DC Swamp. Perhaps this is how they managed to get Venezuela’s Smartomatic software into the US election system despite it’s origin and spotty history.

Several people have attributed these so called “Glitches” to a software update on Monday night hours before the election but Dominion has denied these allegations or that the changing of votes derived from their software.

  • It is significant to note that of all the errors found not one has resulted in a vote being removed from Biden to benefit Trump. This appears to be a one way phenomenon.

Many states use the Dominion Software, including the swing states of Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and more than twenty other states. Georgia, however, is the only state that used them to completely revamp their entire statewide voting system.

Additionally, Pennsylvania encountered problems in 2019 with the rollout of new voting system. One county noted felt tip/sharpie markers were causing ballots to fail to be read and subsequently having to be counted by hand. They recommended ballpoint pens be used to avoid the bleed-through that was invalidating ballots. Regardless of this Dominion still recommend sharpies be used.

Rule of Law Constitutional Legal Challenges

Strongest as per Constitution

The legal pitch to be made here is seeped in both our constitution and Pennsylvania Laws. There is no wiggle room, which is why the actions of PA election officials are so frustrating. Although aware of the likelyhood SCOTUS reversal, they wanted to create a narrative.

The Transition Integrity Project (TIP), a collection of rich powerful people who’s only agenda is to get Donald Trump out of office. They war-gamed it out (see TIP’s 2020 election gaming). NOTE: The Media was involved in gaming this out with TIP.

The goal is to make a large swath of Americans feel their election was stolen so they could kick off the Soros/CIA Color Revolution they have been pushing (said to be called The Purple Revolution”).

Regardless, here are the facts.

  • Constitution says each state’s elected State Representatives make and pass election laws. No one else. Not the courts. Not the Governor.
  • The election laws must not be altered less than 90 days before an election.
  • They were asked to change this prior to 2020 Presidential Election and the PA State Representatives declined to change the law.
  • Individuals then brought it to court so a Judge would rule, letting them at least collect and count the ballots. The court ruled in their favor. It was appealed up to SCOTUS who declined getting involved at that time.
  • After some of the precincts collected ballots late (up to three days) the Trump campaign sought relief in court where Justice Alito stated that the contested ballots must be kept separate in case of litigation.

Additional Legal Challenges

  • A Pennsylvania Judge ruled that the Secretary of State did not have the right to change election Law, only the Legislature can change election laws. (*added on11/13)
  • In Pennsylvania a top county election official came forward to Project Veritas – There were thousands of “spoiled” ballots that were thrown in dumpster when the law states they must be kept for 22 months.
  • Republican poll watchers were kept from observing the counting of the ballots in districts that had suspicious chunks of Biden votes appear.
  • Detroit MI had 167K ballots show up at 3-4am after GOP poll watchers were told to go home. These ballots resulted in statistical anomalies that are used in legal cases to show fraud are addressed in section below. That the vote counting was shut down for the night and would resume in the morning.
  • Additionally, United States Postal Service (USPS) Workers who have come forward with sworn affidavits attesting to being told to collect ballots late so they could falsely backdate the postmarks, one in MI (read more here) and another in PA (here). There was a second Whistleblower in Pennsylvania USPS who has since recanted his charge.


Nevada has a litany of issues to address; and these are just the highlights.

  • 3,000 early voting/absentee ballots (EV/AB) votes were counted even though a change of address (COA) were filed with the state. The rate of individuals filing a COA’s is one out of every three who move. Therefore this reflects to 9,000 illegal ballots cast.
  • A whistleblower has come forward after seeing a Biden Harris van opening and filling out ballots outside the polling location, then resealing the envelope recounts Matt Schlap.
  • There were 600,000 mail in ballots in Nevada, which voters were assured was safe as signature verification would be used to protect from fraud.
    • 200,000 of those ballots never had human eyes on them. They went through a computer that was supposed to identify matching signatures. The problem is they reduced the verification % down to a 40% match (which is not match at all).
    • The GOP has requested but have not been allowed to examine this machine as of the time of this article.
    • These 200K votes have not had any of the signature verification voters were assured would be in place to protect the integrity of their vote.
    • Additionally, the GOP watchers in Nevada were not allowed to observe the other 400,000 votes that were being “verified” and counted.
    • Numerous Whistleblowers have come forward attesting they were told to ignore signature discrepancies.

NOTE: The below section has not yet been completed. Should have update this evening or tonight.

Data Scientists

There is a mathematical law which exposes statistical anomalies when dealing with large groups of data set numbers. Benford’s Law is used in court as evidence of fraud. The mathematical anomalies happen to coincide with the timing of the ballot dumps between 2-5am.

Caught Rolling Back Trumps Numbers

Numerous live videos show Trump’s vote numbers rolling backwards while Biden’s vote numbers gained. The explanation of this has been that the votes were wrongly assigned to Trump via human error.

However, even though only 56 votes were added to Biden’s column the percentage changed in Bidens favor a whopping 0.6%. according to the individual analyzing the data which was posted online in its entirety.

Hammer and Scorecard

The History of Smartomatic, Their Connections to Mr.Brown and how they Shut Down A New Anti-Fraud Voting System

Smartomatic is run by Lord Mark Malloch Brown (archived link as page has since been removed). Their “about” page states Brown chairs Open Society Foundation and was a “former number two at the UN”.

  • In late 2014, Mr Brown’s investment group SGO partnered with (funded) Smartomatic, a “troubled Venezuelan voting company”, soon after a Swedish developer of digital pens, (Anoto) entered into an exclusive agreement with Smartomatic, allowing only them to use their digital pens. These digital pens were important, because the pens retained the paper ballot making it hard to rig the system. Truly, a giant step in stopping massive voter fraud. Oddly, this anti-fraud election technology appears to have been shut down after Mr. Brown held the “purse strings”.
    • In 2015 C.J. Wilson wrote “It’s also baffling that Anoto would sign an exclusive agreement with Smartmatic knowing that Smartmatic will NEVER be allowed to conduct elections (or election-related activities) in the US. That’s a multi-billion dollar market they are willing to simply write off for no reason. Now it is possible that Smartmatic, through some front group, will try to sneak back into the US marketplace, but that would end really badly for them—really badly. But US election officials and government agencies should be on the lookout for this. It’s been tried before.”

It seems Smartomatic found their way into the US market, or at least their software did, through the Canadian owned company Dominion. More than likely though the investment was to halt the anti-fraud “Digital Pen”.

Why Republicans Preaching ‘Find A New Platform’ in Response to Twitter and Facebook Censorship is Unrealistic

It gets frustrating repeatedly hearing from conservative leaders that everyday conservatives, who are being suppressed on Twitter and Facebook, should just use the free market to find another platform.

Sean Duffy, a Republican congressman, was on Outnumbered today. His position is that Trump knew about Twitter’s bias for over a year and that he had that time to find and move his base to another platform.

The idea that someone, anyone, could create an alternate to Facebook or Twitter in a four year period, much less a year, is so absurd it is mind-numbing. Gab tried but they were labeled “Racist” by the press who is – along with 90% of our politicians – in bed with Big Tech.

Alternatives sites become mere echo chambers for those, knowingly or unknowingly, seeking conformation bias.

It is terrifying when you realize the enormity of the grip these companies have on public communications. A grip that could only be maintained with the help of our complicit Media.

Both Twitter and Facebook, platforms that were introduced in the infancy of the smartphone. Back in the new 24/7 Wi-Fi saturated wild west of having an app for anything, they were marketed as a place to write about daily life, exchange ideas, post pictures and interact with family and friends. Thereby creating an extended network of people, through your friends’ friends or by commenting or interacting on posts you found interesting. They touted features allowing you to join groups you found interest in; to follow reporters or organizations you trusted – and to follow celebrities you enjoyed. It was a user platform that allowed one to create online connections with family and friends that would be otherwise easily lost in our hectic everyday lives.

Here a just a few of the many factors that make accomplishing what Congressman Duffy – among others’ – blithe suggestions exceedingly difficult:

  • Twitter drives the news cycle, even though 92% of political tweets come from 10% of the users (70% of whom identify as Democrat), an intentional choice the MSM are not interested in changing.
  • The whole world outside of China (more or less) is established on these networks and any company that grows big enough to challenge them is immediately bought out or chased out of their own market. They do this by matching the features of the new company and devoting more resources to software engineering those features to outperform newbies at what makes them special in the first place. Facebook did this to Instagram; Instagram did it with Snapchat. Google tried, but failed, doing this to Facebook with Google Plus.

Today’s conservative leaders must understand that the public square has evolved.

A life without software to share your ideas and thoughts is hard to live without having to lower what is acceptable for today’s standards of living. In addition it has become how we talk to each other since the societal norms are moving further from traditional phone calls and in person meets to completely remote communication via text. Censoring how we share our thoughts is a dangerous and slippery slope. Social media companies are hosts, platforms, vessels.

If our words are vitamins, they are the capsules that simply help us deliver them and nothing more. NOR should they be.

They exist to silently give us a platform to deliver our free speech and the dependency that we have formed on them worldwide leaves us no choice but to deem this an absolute, nonnegotiable necessity. Their very definition – not only in legislation – but also within their ethical responsibilities, to be transparent as that vessel.

I’m sure Zuckyboo has said something or another on the magnitude of any choices he makes or how seriously they take what they do since it affects so many people. Ethically, he should be following those very words and not socially engineering and subtly manipulating us.

The threat presented should be treated on a scale relevant to the offense being imposed upon us.

Ask yourself, do Oxford, Five Star or other notebook manufacturers have special employees who walk up to you while you’re in the café, writing your thoughts down, just to suddenly tell you that you are too controversial and take your pen from your hands? Do they burn your paper or tell you to rip the page out or they won’t allow you to have your notebook back? No, of course not. The question is, what is different between that, and what is happening virtually? Suddenly because it’s virtual we no longer feel the same disrespect? Censorship and disenfranchisement are dangerous to the free thinker but safe to the hive mind. Perhaps there is some detachment, but again, the threat should be treated equal to the scale of the offense.

This, my dear reader, is no bueno.

This is why we absolutely must as a society condemn what they are doing and explore all legal options available to us, else we find ourselves silenced in the medium of political discourse of our times!

Heather Tappel

Why A Reporter’s False Tweet Spurring Riots, After A Philly Man Was Shot & Killed, Exposes A Sinister Alliance.

After two nights of riots and thirty police officers injured – several targeted for vehicular homicide; the much lauded public targeting of LEO, coordinated arson, unabashed looting, and the destruction of: businesses, vehicles, civility, and large swaths of the actual city, one must reflect on the “Why”.

Ellie Rushing, with Philly Inquirer, sent out a misleading tweet claiming the man who was shot was not charging the officers

While Heavy”s Jessica McBride reported “The video shows two police officers with guns drawn in a residential neighborhood when Wallace walks in their direction from between parked cars, and they shoot him.” “walks” is not an accurate description of his actions.

The intentional disinformation supports that some reporters in media are intentionally inflaming racial and violent unrest in this country.

Social Media amplifies that message to its followers including BLM /ANTIFA leaders on the ground.

Previously I would have been skeptical of that connection, however, the past three years have been monumental in revealing the roll the Media has played in directing the political tone and discourse on their chosen narrative.

Add to that the “Biden connected” Soros funded, rabidly anti-Trump “Transition Integrity Project” (TIP) openly pushing implementing a domestic version of the CIA’s Color Revolution (formerly deployed only in foreign countries) and we have a problem.

Things that are needed for successful Color Revolution:

  • people in the press to push your message and demonize opponent
  • fomentation of civil unrest or racial strife
  • coordinated groups of mass protestors easily mobilized & deployed some of whom are willing to get violent and cause mass destruction.
  • massive economic damage to the middle class to intimidate them into submission

Particularly disturbing is how many involved in previous foreign Color Revolutions are the same individuals who’s machinations made the Impeachment possible via writing the articles of impeachment as well as testimony (Kent), which has since been proven false. Many of these are high level current and former State Department and IC officials.

The CIA has gone full scorched earth in working to remove this President, even before he was elected.

In addition (former) General McChrystal, also of TIP, has written about his using AI program against American citizens to influence 2020 Presidential election, in an attempt to help Biden using DARPA. This very effective program uses an algorithm, successfully deployed in Afganastan and Iraq, to influence local populations to vote for the candidate that the United State Military wants installed.

This is achieved by using data points to gauge peoples reactions to how news is dispersed, then amplifying the one that produces the most negative reaction. McChrystal specifically chose to use that AI to target and skew the public’s perception of Trump’s COVID19 response.

All of these programs, usually reserved for our global adversaries, have been deployed to target the sitting US President. This is a weapon of war.

They are using the News, AI warfare, Media, and Riots in an attempt to defeat POTUS. Their VP candidate, Kamala Harris, actually promoted a bail Fund for those arrested while rioting.

The Democrats watch cities burn and the destruction of communities while remaining silent, refusing to condemn the movements, destructive as they are, that they themselves kindled.

WHY? Is it just a tool to defeat Trump or is there more?

What do the Democrats call for? De-funding the Police – Which would exacerbate the problem exponentially.

They have aligned themselves with criminals, arsonist, thieves and murderers, stating they are “Peaceful Protests” and the Media report it as such.

The results are that Democrats have an army that appears unaffiliated with them, whom they can signal using their proxy, the Media/Social Media, to destroy cities and bring financial devastation to the middle class and small business owners.

Why would the Democrats wish to hurt middle class and small business owners? The answer is at the least two fold.

  • Knowing there will likely be a Trump victory this is a cudgel to intimidate the middle class to get behind their planned “Color Revolution” and to abandon POTUS.
  • The middle class is all that stops the complete class system of Socialism from taking hold, thereby proliferating Oligarchs, elites, Judges, and many in government positions with the unrestrained power of communism/socialism. This is their plan.

If Trump had not reversed the housing bill which sought to bring low income housing to the suburbs then what you are seeing in the cities would soon be happening in the suburbs.

Changing the zoning laws so there would be no “Single Family Home Zones” allowed. Such action would relocate those who are burning and destroying America’s democrat cities today directly to “The Burbs”.