The History of Intelligence Community, The Media and The Presidency – Do Voters Still Have A Choice?

Note: I wrote this in Dec of  2019.  Events since then have solidified the need to address this question and to safeguard our established election process, known worldwide as the gold standard, against becoming first step in the stunningly obvious rollout of a  “color revolution” here in America. The US Intelligence Community,  in conjunction with the State Department, have been extraordinarily successful at overturning elections they did not approve of throughout the world. When the people elect a leader to represent them – instead of those the global elitists want in power – this is the tactic they deploy.  They have in seen success in the “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine as well as what is underway in right now in Belarus.  Those same people are not even trying to hide their plan to use a “Color Revolution” against Donald Trump to destroy our republic if, as the polls are showing, the American People choose Trump for President in 2020.

With the evolution of TV, corporate news, and social media comes an interesting question. Do “We The People” have a choice in who  stands at the helm of this country?

“We The People’ voted in Donald J. Trump.  He was our choice.

Yet, the Democrats, Washington Elite, the bureaucrats, and the IC have decided to over-rule our choice of Commander-in-Chief. They are able to do this by using the Media, as well as Social Media, as both a bullhorn and a muzzle, choosing to amplify the voices of those aligned with them while muting those who are not.

We chose someone who was financially beholden to no one.

A man completely removed from the corruption of politics and even further removed from the stagnation of the D.C establishment, its bureaucracy and the Intelligence Community.

We chose not to choose a puppet.

Since the 1970’s, excluding the current POTUS, there has been only one Republican President that has not had the former head of the CIA as either Vice-President, President, or father of the President.  That man was Richard Nixon, whom it was known, had a cantankerous relationship with the CIA.

By the accounts of those who were there, many believed the CIA was responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy; just as many  considered ‘in the know”, at the time, believe the CIA removed Nixon office.

The Media and the Democrats push one agenda, Socialism.

Did the CIA take a stand against the powerful Media and their oligarchs for George W. Bush, it’s former leader, and his son?

It certainly begs the question considering  Eric Ciaramella – the alleged whistleblower, who ran to Schiff the day after the Mueller Report bombed with allegations of a call that were proven false – happens to work for the CIA.

Interestingly enough the number two at the FBI was the “whistleblower”, aka Deep Throat, who was key in removing Nixon from office.

The CIA was deeply involved in the Watergate burglary, at the same time it is alleged Nixon was at odds with them over his plan to withdraw from Vietnam (sound familiar?).

There were two CIA agents involved in the Watergate break-in:

  • The burglar, an expert in this field who made amateurish (purposeful?) errors that belied his experience.
  • And the man who bribed Nixon, thereby creating the “crime” that would eventually  take him down.

In their memoirs, two of Nixon’s top aids,  recalled statements at that meeting that pointed to Nixon trying to stop the FBI from exposing a covert CIA operation they referred to as “The Bay of Pigs thing”  The snippet of Nixon’s recording that was used to condemn him, if listened to in context, could easily point to that other conclusion.

*MO: Take a snippet of a conversation out of context and attempting to weaponize it to mean something that could be used as a legal cudgel. i.e.  When they push the “Do me a favor lie”. They nefariously replace what Trump said, which was “us” to “me” in an attempt to con the American people and to criminalize that piece of his conversation.

I have no particular affinity for Nixon but the parallels are jaw-dropping.

Yates’s Double Standard

Sally Yates was questioned on video by the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

Through the static and technical malfunctions I listened as she claimed blind ignorance in regards to any wrongdoing as it pertained to the falsifications present in the FISA applications she signed.

She repeatedly pushed the blame onto lower level individuals in the FBI; saying she relied on those beneath her (without ever questioning them) despite this being unprecedented in the history of this country.

Her hypocrisy is astounding as she herself wrote the famed Yates Memo which was designed and written to stop upper level individuals from blaming the lower level employees for criminality.

Yates stated “We’re not going to be accepting a company’s cooperation when they just offer up the vice president in charge of going to jail”.

Well then why should we, the American people, accept the Obama administrations version of their “Vice President of going to jail”?

Yet another example of Rules For Thee but Not For Me that has infected the Obama administration and anyone connected with them.

By: Margaret Robins

Why Trump Hired Manafort and How DNC Insiders Knew He Would Before He Did.

If you’re curious as to how Chalupa would know Manafort would be hired six weeks before Trump hired him, you need to look no further than the Washington Post article of December 10, 2015 By Robert Costa: ” GOP Prepares For Contested Convention”  detailing a meeting held by top members of the GOP, discussing how they would proceed in what appeared to be the increasingly likelihood of a brokered convention. The article quotes Trumps response when asked about a brokered convention: “I”ll be at a disadvantage.” He said  “My disadvantage is that I’d be going up against guys who grew up with each other, who know each other intimately and I don’t know who they are okay? That’s a big disadvantage……”.

Its no stretch to see that this would ensure Trump expanded his tight knit small campaign staff to include someone who was a political insider, if he was going to have any chance of navigating the unfamiliar landscape of delegates and partisan convention politics.

A December 11th, 2015  NEWSMAX article states “He [Trump] has also said he’s preparing his strategy, in the event a brokered convention occurs, reports The Hill.”

But who would it be?

How could anyone, much less Alexandria Chalupa, know that Trump would pick Paul Manafort?

The answer is simple, Manafort was the only choice.  He happened to be a skilled insider who not only knew how to work the delegates, he was described in the Washington Post as a “delegate wrangler” “known for managing  the 1976 contested convention for Gerald Ford”, on 4/6/16, shortly after he joined the campaign.

Manafort was a familiar face in the establishment GOP political world; someone who could maneuver his way through the “good old boy” terrain they would find themselves in; and the only available person who had ever successfully managed a brokered convention.

He was hired by Trump within days of Senator Cruz stealing 10 Trump delegates after Trump won the Primary in Louisiana.

Once again, it appears Hillary Clinton, the intelligence community,  establishment Nevertrumpers, and the Democrats used a leftist media leak to ensue an outcome they needed in order to complete a set up.

Open Letter To President Trump on Impeachment

Dear President Trump,

I am writing to express my deepest regret for the grave injustice happening in the US House of Representatives today.

I, as well as the millions Americans who voted for you, are so very grateful that you risked everything to run for the office of President of the United States, and to lead this great country away from the brink of its destruction – thwarting those who would see it molded into their vision – destroying the foundation on which it was built.

Your election has exposed abuses in our top LEO’s: the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the FISC. The exploitation of these institutions would be largely unknown, were it not for their horrific actions against you.

On this day, where you are being falsely persecuted and your name smeared for manufactured crimes you did not commit, I want to celebrate you.

I want to celebrate your strength; I want to celebrate your persistence; I want to celebrate your wisdom; and I want to celebrate your refusal to quit in the face of such overwhelming adversity.

This impeachment shows the desperation of those who have, for decades, abused their power with impunity.

Throughout these past three years, in which the previous President and his bureaucratic allies refused to enact a peaceful transfer of power, you and your family have been mercilessly attacked by a hostile Media; using proven lies, in an attempt to brand you a traitor. This unprecedented, coordinated attack has enabled you to shine a light on the underbelly of the political class in D.C.; exposing how many who claim to represent us, the American people, have sold us out for personal gain for themselves, their friends, and their families.

The bias in the media is staggering. Their hatred of you is visceral and has been since the day you were picked as the Republican nominee.

Watching them blatantly lie to their viewers, as well as their transparent coordination with those trying to destroy you (the Democrats, the IC, and NeverTrumpers), by building a false narrative, in a “no holds barred“ attempt to remove our duly elected president, is extraordinarily terrifying.

Throughout this ordeal, which has cost you financially and made you a target of the most powerful people in the world, you have exemplified perseverance and fortitude in the face of this unjust impeachment.

The complete failure of the collective attempt of your powerful enemies to take you down speaks volumes. Their inability to find a crime, despite the illegal and intrusive methods used to spy on and prosecute you unjustly, is a testament to who you really are – and millions of independent American people are seeing that.

This day will yield more a stain on those who have perpetrated and voted for this injustice, than it ever will on you or your legacy.

It simply shows how powerful your enemies are and how corrupt our institutions have become.

I am ashamed of my government for allowing this fraud to move forward. This country, as well as its constitution, would be lost without you standing up to those with near absolute power and fighting for its survival.

Your enemies previously seemed indomitable, they have never had anyone successfully thwart their endeavors to “buy” justice throughout the world; or to enrich themselves and their allies, while using judicial systems they control to prosecute, persecute, and destroy any personal or business rivals who refuse to “bend the knee” and engage in their global “Pay for Play” schemes.

The fracturing of the foundation of corruption that has been carefully built over the decades is not an easy task, nor is it for the weak of heart.

I am eternally grateful that your heart seems Herculean and up to the task that would destroy most others. I see God’s hand at work there.

You have my admiration; you have my gratitude; and you have my respect.

The fight and perseverance you have shown is inspirational. Equally so is

the grace and strength of our First Lady, Melania, who despite being under constant attack by the left and the media, has been – and is – an extraordinary First Lady.

I am humbled and so very grateful to both of you for your service to this country.

I pray God continues to lift you up and that you continue to fight the corruption that has infiltrated our government and its institutions for so very long.

I pray that those who have sought, and who still seek, your destruction step into the very traps that they have set for you.

May God‘s protection continue to surround you and your family.

For history will show how close we came to losing that which so many have fought and died for.

You are the only obstical standing between them and complete success.

You and your family remain in my prayers.

I thank you, the First Lady, and your entire family.

May God continue to bless you all.

Top Senate Democrats Plan To Use Private Companies To Share Intel For Political Gain

Note: In May of 2018, six months after the Publication of this article, Mark Patterson was hired as Chuck Schumer’s General Council in charge of investigations and approps. The was same month the rumors of Justice Kennedy retiring from SCOTUS kicked into overdrive.  Makes one wonder if they were moving people in place preparing for the coming SCOTUS fight, aka, the Kavanaugh character assassination.

A 2003 a congressional Press Release laid out a Democrat plan that – considering recent events –  is cause for concern.

Perkins Coie is under scrutiny for laundering 12.4 million dollars between the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s Campaign to Fusion GPS.  Shockingly,  in April 2016,  Obama’s OFA joined in, paying Perkins Coie $927,000.

In light of this, Perkins Coie, who paid Fusion GPS to obtain the fake smear Dossier to manufacture false intelligence that was shared to advance the Democratic political position, should be under further scrutiny for their deep ties to both the Obama White House and to the DNC.

Perkins Coie currently has three former high-level Obama officials in house: Robert Bauer, Pete Rouse, and Mark Patterson.

Robert (Bob) Bauer was White House council to Obama until 2011 when he left and became a partner at above-mentioned firm. The same year that Fusion GPS was founded and the year before Obama’s 2012 reelection.

Bauer was Obama’s personal attorney and his first hire when he came to D.C. in 2005.

Bauer has had the distinction of representing both of Obama’s election campaigns as well as having been a general council to the DNC on a minimum of two separate occasions. In addition he is married to Anita Dunn, the former Obama White House communications director.

In 2014 Bauer recruited two other top Obama officials to Perkins Coie.

Pete Rouse, Obama’s longest serving top aid and interim Chief of Staff, as well as Mark Patterson, Rouse’s longtime protégée – back from when Rouse was Chief of Staff for Senator Dashel – both simultaneously left the administration to work with Bauer.

Patterson served the Obama Administration as Chief of Staff at the Treasury Department under two separate secretaries before abandoning the administration for Perkins Coie.

The important backstory:

In 2003 Tom Dashel, Minority Leader, was part of a small group that was formed with the intention of reaching out to the private sector. This was to advance the agenda of the Democrats on the Hill. This group of high-level democrats met weekly.

According to a September 8th, 2003 congressional press release “Democrats in the House and Senate quietly launched a coordinated effort to reach out to their Democratic friends on K Street.” “The idea [was] to share intelligence, plot strategy and coordinate the party’s message. In the short term, the organizers of the effort hoped to advance their priorities on Capitol Hill.”

This is extremely relevant because these meetings where Democratic leaders planned to use the private sector in a way to politically benefit the Democratic Party were, “along with Jones,” according to The Congressional Press Release, “organized by Kohl Chief of Staff Paul Bock and Daschle aides Mark Patterson and Peter Rouse.”

According to the above Press Release in 2003 Mark Patterson and Peter Rouse were organizing meetings with sole purpose of setting up a system to utilize lobbyist and former employees of the Hill – Senate and White House – that had transitioned into the private sector to share intelligence and to further the Democratic political agenda.

The former Hill workers this plan had set to cultivate, and likely implant, would no longer be bound by the limits that had been put upon Government employees. Oversight, ethics and accountability, which at the very least give the veneer of transparency, were no longer a factor opening up a host of new and potentially shady possibilities.

Now the same two aids who organized those meetings are employees of the firm Perkins Coie: The same firm that laundered the money between the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, Obama’s OFA and Fusion GPS in order to obtain the fake Steel Dossier in a blatant attempt at taking down the freely elected President of the United States using Kremlin-funded Russian propaganda.

Consider the close connection Obama’s White House has to Perkins Coie’s partner Robert Bauer and to at least two of their employees, Patterson & Rouse.

Add to that the content of the meetings Patterson & Rouse were organizing for Dashel in 2003 and you have an extraordinarily disturbing picture emerging.

Mark Patterson and Peter Rouse, now appear to be actively involved in implementing the plan they were instrumental in developing.

By: Margaret Robins