Claston Bernard: The Outsider & Runner, Running for CD2, Who Knows How To Win.

One thing the election of Donald J. Trump has taught us is that we desperately need outsiders to root out the corruption so prevalent in today’s political arena – both on a local and national level. In order for that to happen we need men and women to bravely step up and run for office.

One such individual is Claston Bernard, a former track star, Olympian, and a Champion LSU alumni, who understands what it takes to overcome adversity and to win.

I first heard Claston speak in the aftermath of the 2020 election. He was one of many who addressed a small crowd in Baton Rouge but the only one I remembered. Through the speeches of others who spoke there were hushed – and not so hushed – conversations, most in the audience lost interest – focusing instead on their phones.

However, when Claston started speaking the crowd quieted, people looked up from their phones; those who were walking stopped, turned to listen, and his words fell on open ears. He was speaking about issues that resonated throughout the crowd. The importance of individuals working to enact change versus lamenting that America, and the freedoms she once stood for, were a thing of the past. He pointed out how Democrats preach one thing to the black community while publicly vilifying the institutions and tools they themselves use to find success.

Ask yourself

  • How many single moms are prominent in the Democrat leadership.
  • How many of the Democrat’s political leaders’ kids have kids whose fathers are absent?
  • How many of those same people demonizing the nuclear family have one of their own?
  • How prevalent is it in a party that decries marriage for them and their children to have kids and live with a partner without committing themselves in bonds of marriage?
  • The same people who demonize Christian values go to church and profess themselves to be Christian while devaluing those same values to their voters.
  • Why the historically successful ideals of the nuclear family and delayed gratification, which have been shown to pave the way to success for hundreds of years, are mocked by a party that claims to want to bring success to the black community.

He noted the Democrats idea of success is for voters to be dependent on the government while America’s success, the American Dream, is based instead on the heights one can achieve through hard work, a support system, and Faith.

After he was finished I told my husband that he could be a political star. I had similar thoughts after hearing John James and Kim Klasik speak. There is something particularly brave when a black person refuses to be intimidated into silence but this went beyond that; his love of this country shone through his message as did his fear of the socialist direction in which we are heading.

One of the most impressive things I saw Claston do that day was to excuse himself from those who approached him after he spoke. He walked away from those who agreed with him to go speak to a group of BLM Activists who had gathered a short distance away. He said, how can we expect to change hearts and minds if we are not willing to present our ideas and engage in conversation with those with whom we disagree. He said, they are only hearing one side.

I believed, at that moment, if the people of Louisiana heard his message that they would realize that this was the type of person we needed working for us.

Imagine my surprise when I thought I was meeting someone for a coffee, to discuss a piece I was writing on ensuring election integrity, but instead found myself at a CD-2 fundraiser: a fundraiser for the man whom had so impressed me, one Mr. Claston Bernard.

I do not know who talked Claston into running, nor how the massive machine that is a campaign evolved into being so quickly but, whomever it was, thank you. You recognized – and more importantly – were able to give a platform to and shine a light on a true star. I cannot ever remember a political speaker, certainly not at state level, filling my heart with such hope…. and as you know dear reader, hope is in short supply in the political climate in this country today.

Claston’s confident vision, the change he stands for, his tireless work ethic, dedication to his family, faith, community, and this country gives those who hear his message a blood-tingling wave of hope… and the belief that if enough people hear the genuineness of his message, real change can start to occur.

As a legal immigrant from Jamaica, who chose to become a citizen, Claston’s resolve to defend the ideals on which this country was founded comes from a man who understands how precious America is. Go, listen to him speak; feel the energy and emotion that emanates from his stirring resolve. His ability to stand up and speak out against the Goliath of the establishment – on both sides – is truly inspirational.

He is a man who understands how vital family is; a man has written three books, broken records, and has returned from what most would consider a career ending injury to win. Claston Bernard does not quit.

The issues Claston represents:

  • Education opportunities
  • Pro-life
  • Christianity
  • term limits
  • crime reduction
  • economic opportunities
  • reducing poverty through Jobs and skill-based training
  • promoting American culture.
  • Holding regular Townhall meetings
  • being the people’s representative.

We, the people, need more people like him in Washington DC. His vote will not be owed to those who moved him up the political hierarchy. His vote will be for his voters; his community; and for the betterment of this Republic.

In Claston Bernard this writer believes the people will have a representative that fights for the people not the establishment or to enrich himself.

I cannot claim to be objective as Mr. Bernard reached in and touched this writers heart. I pray you listen to his message and see if his message resonates with you.

His webpage can be found here

By: Heather Tappel

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