How The CDC Calculates The Excessive Deaths from COVID.

Recently John Hopkins University Newsletter published a study showing that there were little to no overall rise in deaths in the US from COVID19. The study has since been removed, not because it was wrong but because John Hopkins said they did not like the way the data and study was being used. Click on this highlighted link to see the CDC article the media is using to counter her claim, asserting that there are close to 300,000 excessive deaths.

So the question is how can two studies of the same information have results that are so drastically different? Dr Briand’s analysis showing the death rates have generally remained the same and the CDC report showing nearly 300,000 excess deaths?

So I dug in to find out who’s tweaking the numbers.

On November 28, when I was researching the numbers to write this article, the total number of deaths in the US and DC was 2,582,540 [archive of exact numbers]. I got these numbers from the US death clock which constantly updates.

  • The death rate per day in 2020 is 7,755
  • The death rate per day in 2018 was 7,778
  • The death rate per day in 2017 was 7,708

The CDC notes in its report that it takes deaths from each week from 2015-2019 and averages those years deaths to get that weeks average death rate. It then takes that “average” number and compares it to the same week in 2020. Any deaths in 2020 that are over the death rate average is counted as excessive deaths. Then every week that had surplus of deaths was added together to give them a total number of “excessive” deaths.

Seems pretty cut and dry — Until you see the notation where if deaths did not meet the death rate from the four year average it wasn’t counted. Shockingly, they zeroed those weeks out.

Here is their exact quote [Number of excess deaths: A range of estimates for the number of excess deaths was calculated as the difference between the observed count and one of two thresholds (either the average expected count or the upper bound threshold), by week and jurisdiction. Negative values, where the observed count fell below the threshold, were set to zero.”]

For example if in week 28

  • The 2015-19 average of deaths was 55,000
  • And in 2020 the total deaths was 49,000
  • Then the CDC did not add the negative 6,000 deaths for week 28, instead they added 0 for week 28.
  • Only the weeks that had surplus of deaths were counted.
  • Those weeks that had a surplus of deaths were added together to get their “Excessive Deaths” numbers.

It is difficult to imagine how they came up with this calculation formula, as I have never seen it applied previously.

People with preexisting conditions and the elderly should be protected as much as we are able in order to mitigate the deaths from COVID as much as possible.

However, shutting America down and spreading fear as the Media, Fauci, and the CDC have done is beyond atrocious. There are therapeutics that have dropped the COVID death rate in this country substantially. The rise in COVID Deaths directly correlates with the drops in previous years Cardiac, Kidney, Cancer. ect.. mortality rates.

And, now there are vaccines — if one CHOOSES to get it — that will be available starting next week.

I would like to end this article by saying that regardless of the numbers presented here COVID19 is a serious virus that needs to be taken seriously.

I am not minimizing it in any way. This lab altered virus, unleashed by China, and intentionally allowed to spread throughout the world has been catastrophic. The doctors who bucked the system by prescribing their patients Hydroxychloriquine likely saved many lives, as we can see in this peer reviewed study that has finally been released showing patients taking HCQ are 84% less likely to be hospitalized.

If anyone has information that contradicts what I have posted here (from a official site as I have quoted CDC’s own numbers here) I welcome the information and will post and adjust accordingly.

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